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Temptation Resort (Desire) Los Cabos Review by Texas

It was to be our Dream Vacation. So, we searched and found Desires All inclusive Resort. We researched and found it to be a very Secluded Seductive Resort. We were excited. So, we clicked on Desires Web site to make reservations. We in putted our dates of travel and type of room requested. Desires website transferred us to their online travel system Dream Pleasures Tour. They took all our information and Monies for complete package of the all inclusive resort with to and from transportation by Tourex Los Cabos. Dream Pleasures Tour requested all our flight information and arrival times and departure times. Several contacts were made with appreciation for making the reservations. We received all our vouchers and lastly was told 'After retrieving your luggage walk OUTSIDE the terminal and look for the TOUREX TRANSFERSERVICE personnel holding the signage with your name on it or Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos.' We arrive on Wednesday sept 12 at 3:00 p.m. flight schedules on time. We pick up our baggage and proceed to walk out of the terminal when the Nightmare began. Immediately we were bomb-barred by dozens of men hustling for taxis . We searched for our transportation personnel holding a sign for us. Nowhere to be found. Approached by numerous men asking where are we staying. Once I stated where, we were wisked away to a counter where we mislead to into believing they knew of the tourex company. We called tourex and was told there was no reservations for transportation for us. So, we were told by the Villa Group Gerardo Irigoyen that he can get us a cab and take us to our resort. But it will cost us $70 and we'll have to go to a timeshare the following day. We were at their Mercy. Now we were worried if we even had the reservations at the resort after all. We rode in a cab through the roughest part of town in transit to the desires resort. Scared, and trying to call the resort with no prevail. We arrive at the resort and I run in to see if we do indeed have reservations. Yes!!!!! we did. Terrified and Scared we check in. We were greeted with smiles and comfort, but when we started telling our story it seemed to go to deaf ears. They didn't seem to understand that this is their website that it's making all of these schedules. That night was a very relaxing night. Hotel working staff is awesome. (waiters, door men, food staff, bartenders) The following morning we meet with management to try to resolve the issue that had happened the previous day to learn, that they only want to hear us if we are interested in becoming gold members by buying into their timeshare program . For next four days we were constantly being called from the guy from the airport . About going to a timeshare. How did he get our room number? Of course nobody could answer why. The resort food was awesome, pretty place, room very clean. Be careful if you step foot off the resort onto the beach because you are swarmed with Vendors selling everything, and they don't give up with a no thank you. We dared to go to the Mega store for some good ol american beer. Located close to the resort. Only to be harassed by store employees to go to even more time shares. Not Nice. We were very happy to be back on america soil

Temptation Resort (Desire) Los Cabos Review by Disappointed

Very disappointed in our stay. Supposed to be a couples resort for men and women over 21 years of age. They allowed single college boys to come in and it was disgusting. It is a very noisy place so don't plan on getting any rest. Bottom shelf liquor is served to everyone except Premier Members. RCI members are treated like second class citizens. We tried to upgrade to a better room for $150 a night and we were consistently lied to about availability. Even the maids told us there were still plenty of rooms available. I am sure if the resort can get more money they would do so. Our shower drained leaked into our bathroom every time we took a shower. The food is ok, but definitely not like other adult all inclusive resorts. The accommodations are old, but they do try to keep it clean. I would recommend Barcelo, but there are children there if you are looking for a child free vacation.

Temptation Resort (Desire) Los Cabos Review by J and J

This was our first clothing optional or lifestyle resort, so it was an eyeopener. The resort was great, food, drinks (any kind and as much as you want), SERVICE ( especially Oximito at breakfast), facilities, ambiance, all except the was brutal; hot & humid. Advise to pick another time beside Labor Day weekend. We tried to stay in the pool, but it was like a hot tub. Maybe a few blocks of ice would have made it better. As far as the nudity in the pool/hot tub, it took us all of 10 minutes to shed our apprehensions and went without for the next 5 days. The sexy attire worn by most women (especially J) made the meal times a real treat. The sexually charged atmosphere made it a very romantic (active) vacation.Better eat your wheaties! Dress up nights were fun and really push the limits, especially the Gothic cape and mask night. If you get involved, you'll really enjoy yourselves (for the exhibitionist/less inhibited crowd). Unfortunately, we didn't find the'playroom' but wish we would have. Be sure to ask where it is. One of us felt that the open sexual activity in the hot tub area was a bit over the top, so we may not return on Desire week again. However, the porno channel on the tv in our room was perfect as was the a/c. All in all, it was well worth the price of admission and we met some terrific people.

Temptation Resort (Desire) Los Cabos Review by Dachsatian

We went to Desire for our 23rd anniversary. It was our first trip to a clothing optional resort and we had a really nice time. We felt comfortable from the beginning and met many nice people. No one seemed to care if you participated in removing your clothing or not. Many went completely nude and many men wore swim trunks with many women opting to go just topless and a few women who wore swimsuits. Whatever your comfort level is - that's just fine. The food was a bit of a disappointment. We'd read the reviews that it was a little below grade and went with an open mind. We would have liked to see more Mexican dishes available. Most of the food seems like heat-lamp food with nothing being really hot, although they do cook to serve most of the items. Our best meal was located outside the resort in downtown Cabo but the food at the resort was still adequate - just not what we'd have expected from a resort of this caliber. One hint - DON'T order the pizza from room service. It's not pizza. It's dough with a little bit of tomato sauce on it - no cheese, nothing even closely resembling pizza and only barely edible. Also, most people know not to drink anything but bottled water in Mexico, but remember that you need to watch out for raw veggies and things that are made with water, like iced tea. The mini-bar is a bit of a joke. They give you 2 water bottles, 2 Tecate, 2 Diet Coke, 2 Coke and 2 Sprites each day. Some mini bottles would have been much better and what we expected to be included in a mini-bar...maybe a munchie or two. The pool is wonderful, large with a sloped entrance at the shallow end to allow for walking in or lounging and a partially submerged island in the middle for lounging. Swim up bar service is a great touch for the pool with the exception that service was very slow here. I ended up having to get out and go upstairs to the bar by the hot tub after waiting for over 15-20 minutes each time for service. The bartenders were great, just understaffed. Beds around the pool are always reserved for VIPs (those who purchase the 'membership' - as I was informed, it's not a time-share, it's a membership). It doesn't matter how early you go down there - the beds are reserved with signs. The lounge chairs are nice though, especially if you can get a front row chair by the pool where you can get in/out easily to cool off. We put the sunshade up and they ended up blowing into the pool (along with the couple next to us - 'hi Nova Scotia!') because the stands that hold them are all broken. Other things worthy of mention include: the whirlpool - we agree with other reviews, for this hot of a climate the water is too hot, but the bar service there is excellent and the firepits are very erotic with the sounds of the surf below. Theme nights - while we were there, participation was high and it was fun. Check the website calendar and pack for these so that you can participate more. The Disco: fun but hit and miss. We were there for 4 nights/5 days and attendance at the disco varied - people either went there or up to the hot tubs. The Cowboy night and the 'Red' night had lots of participation. The music in the disco was a little bit of a disappointment, without much 'club' music. The Beach: we went in knowing that the swimming in the ocean wasn't recommended at this site. Maybe Cancun would be better for beachlovers like us. We went in a bit anyway but not far as the undertows are dangerous. It was kindof fun to talk with the locals fishing on the beach and watching the schools of mantarays jumping. It's truely beautiful and awe inspiring. Maid Service: They did a good job of cleaning the room but it seemed to be done rather late in the day. It made it hard to go out and soak up the rays for a bit and return for a nap to rejuvinate for the evening festivities. Room: Very nice, loved the balcony overlooking the courtyard. Upscale in design, spalike. The beds weren't overly comfortable and the walls are thin so you know everything happening within a 5 room radius of your room, but for a resort of this nature that part was kindof fun...nice to know everyone is enjoying themselves and eachother. The shower door serves as a door for both the shower and the commode. It does tend to let a lot of moisture get onto the bathroom floor which is easily solved by placing a towel on the floor to catch the moisture. The main problem is that it's made of frosted glass which is just fine for the shower, but doesn't allow for much privacy when one is using the commode. Water pressure and temperature for the showers was just fine but you need to play with it a little to see how it adjusts. Front Desk: very nice people and excellent service. Check in was very nice. The problem is the pressure to schedule appointments to hear the timeshare presentation. We originally booked one at checkin for the next day because we felt obligated and then decided - hey, we're paying for our stay here - we don't owe them anything. We were going to call and cancel but before we could, we got a call from the front office at 7:00 A.M. (after being up until 5:30 AM!) telling us of a cancellation and asking us if we'd like to come earlier! Outrageous! They woke us up right after we got to sleep! Completely unacceptable. We also had billing issues. We booked our stay by using the hotel's website. We included the VIP transportation from the airport for $120usd. We got an email shortly thereafter saying that it would be 1/2 of that because the private shuttles weren't allowed to transport from hotel to airport. We ended up cancelling that all together and getting a shuttle from the airport. MUCH less expensive and we passed the Transcabo shuttle on the way - it was essentially the same thing. We were the first stop after leaving the airport - much better. We were also quoted our rate in USD but when we were billed it was in pesos and the exchange rate had changed so there was a slightly higher room rate than we were quoted and there was never any disclosure that the credit card companies charge a commission so it ended up being a few hundred dollars more than we were quoted. Our credit card company worked with us, but the hotel didn't and we had to just pay the higher rate. Overall, the trip was really fun. We needed a little time away to celebrate our relationship and we met a lot of fun and interesting couples while we were there. There was no pressure to do any more than you're comfortable with. It was a beautiful and relaxing environment in which to reconnect, talk and spend quality time together. We had a great time. We'll probably try Cancun next so that we can swim in the ocean and lay on the beach. Overall, it's a very nice vacation destination for those in love (or lust)...

Temptation Resort (Desire) Los Cabos Review by milehighco

My husband and I were looking for an adult getaway. We figured if we are taking a trip without our kids, we surely don't want to be around other people's kids. When I typed in adult only resorts, Desire came up with rave reviews. We had never been to a clothing optional resort (never even thought about it) so I was a little nervous.

Turns out I was nervous for no reason at all. It is a little awkward at first but you get over it within minutes. The other guests at the resort were so friendly and easy going. We even made some friends that we are keeing in touch with. It took a couple of days before we were comfortable going top or bottomless but once we did, it was so relaxing.

The food there was great, I loved the sushi restaurant the most. They had a special Mediterranean Buffet on Saturday night that was fabulous.

The staff there is outstanding, best service we've ever had anywhere. Rosio is the best event coordinator without a doubt. She has a great personality, even talked me into modeling my bikini (hey I figured I would never see these people again). Javier and Charlie were great too, kept us entertained the whole trip.

I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a truly relaxing experience.

Temptation Resort (Desire) Los Cabos Review by lbev

This was one of our best trips ever. We've been to Grand Lido in Jamaica and various AI's in Cancun.(

(The staff at Desire are very helpful and friendly. Even though we didn't tip until the end of our trip- we received great service throughout our stay. Angel and Xochiti at the breakfast buffet took great care of us. They were quick with coffee/water refills and were always around to help. Martin at the jacuzzi bar is fantastic, supplying refills of our drinks before we asked-- he makes the best drinks in the entire resort.((

Our room, though a little small for us personally, was stylish and sexy and cleaned very well everyday. We left for the pool about 10 am daily and everyday when I returned to the room before lunch, it was clean with fresh wash cloths and towels, etc. For some reason we had no hot water one evening. They offered to move us to another room, but because we were leaving in a day, we passed, but maintenance had it fixed the next day. This temporary loss wasn't a problem as we used the outdoor shower at the jacuzzi bar (that was fun). And I liked that shower better as the shower in the room shares the door w/the toilet. So if you shower for a while the floor around the toilet will be really wet. Besides, it was really romantic showering above the crashing surf.((

Breakfast was the best meal of the day. The food was delicious and the service superb. The lunch buffet was good, too, though I wish they would have more Mexican and spicy fare. The wait staff at the lunch buffet was helpful and attentive. The dinner meals could have been better. Appetizers and salad at Suki were pretty good. I don't know if it was an off night but the one time we ate at the International place, the meal was tasteless and the service was nonexistent. We did not eat at any dinner buffets. Room service was fast- but I wish there was more on the menu. We went to San Jose del Cabo one night and had a great meal at La Panga Antigua.(

The pool and jacuzzi areas were clean and the staff worked very hard every morning, setting it up. When we were there, the were plenty of loungers and beds. Rocio, and the rest of the entertainment staff were a lot of fun. The wait staff around the pool were friendly and (most important) very present.(

The disco was fun, but as any club it lives or dies by the DJ. On the nights he played good stuff, people were on the floor and we had a blast.(

All in all, I rated this excellent (5 dots) because I couldn't give it a 4+ (better than Very Good- but not excellent). I rounded it up because of the staff. We will definitely return.

Temptation Resort (Desire) Los Cabos Review by Whyknot1970s

I'll keep this short and simple....
We just got back yesterday and wanted to share our thoughts right away in case anyone was on the fence about this resort vs. another (like one of the Hedonism resorts).
One point about the airport in Cabo, then Ill talk about the resort. Once you clear immigrations and customes, Do Not talk to anyone until you are actually outside the building. Anyone inside the building is strictly there to sell time share. They will lie to you and tell you anything they think you want to hear. Dont stop until you are standing in the sunshine. Only there will you find your transportation company.

OK...the resort.

Rooms - Real nice and more than sufficient. The TV doesn't come so clear, but the room is very clean and has everything you will need (could use more draw space, but otherwise good enough).

Food - Great! Plenty of options and if you don't see anything you like (highly unlikely) you can just ask for something you do like and they will more than likely have it and make it. No problems with the water as its purified at the resort and any water they service for drinking purposes is straight out of the bottle, not the tap. You'll see bottles all over the place, including small ones (2 liter) in your in room fridge (oh yeah...there will be beer and soda in there as well).

People/Staff - Awesome! Friendly, Personable, Attentive and Energetic (especially the entertainment crew). The waitstaff is on top of their game. To top it off anyone handling your food is wearing hairnets, and anyone 'behind the counter' cooking/preparing your food is wearing gloves, masks and hairnets. A nice thing to see nowadays.

Grounds - Really pretty. They make a relatively small resort feel bigger than it is. The pool is heated to what has to be close to 90 degrees, so no matter the outside temp, its always comfortable to swim, play volleyball, do water aerobics, etc. The hot tub is not to be missed...especially after 4pm thru sunset. The bars are nice....the main one is outside, and the atmosphere is capped off by the fire pit & furniture which add that extra little something.

A typical day (especially for someone in the 'lifestyle') goes something like this: Wake up whenever, eat breakfast. Get a bed or lounge at the pool and lay around, play volleyball, have a few drinks, etc. until around 4pm when most people will head upstairs tot he hot tub to watch the sunset and maybe have some fun on the beds around the fire. After the hot tub its time for dinner (or a nap)....
Either way, this is where the only complaint comes in....there is nothing to do for a couple hours until the disco opens. They need a piano at the outside bar or something to help keep the energy up and give you something to do besides sit around waiting for the Disco. Even if just a few nights a week for 2 or 3 hours a night would do the trick (we all need rest).

Anyway, we didn't want to leave and were already planning out next trip in our heads before checking out. The resort was pretty empty the week we were there, and we'd probably choose a week when a 'fun' group was there, but it really doesn't matter that much. From the people we spoke with (and we spoke with almost everyone there at one time or another), I'd say that 80% or more of the people are lifestylers in one form or another. Maybe 10% were 'nudists' and we didn't see a single couple or person that didn't get naked around the pool. Nothing is 'in your face' (which is good and bad)....people have a tendency to push things too far when given the opportunity (that goes for anything in life), so the way it is now works for us. A little more action would have been better, but we understand that isn't for thats why we'll probably visit next time with a group or takeover.


Temptation Resort (Desire) Los Cabos Review by EMBess

What a great place! The service and wonderful staff are world-class plus!  The facility is clean, well kept and perfectly suited for its purpose. The food is uniformly great and the drinks are free flowing with a smile.


Everyone was respectful and non-judgmental. No aggressive behavior, not one problem.


The roof top jacuzzi is a great place for 'action' and depending on the time of day/night most everyone can find what they are looking for, or not. With the built-in swim-up bar, it was my favorite place.


Occupancy was a low 40%...would have been better if there were more people as the facility can easily accommodate and makes things more interesting.

Skip the Passion Suite and go twice for the price -- UNLESS you are with a group and want to host large parties in your room. Otherwise the smaller room is very adequate and the price is much lower.

Temptation Resort (Desire) Los Cabos Review by B & D

My wife and I stayed over the Halloween weekend, what a blast we had. We are not into the Lifestyle; however we met some of the nicest people. We both agree that these are some of the funniest people you'll ever met. Everyone made us feel comfortable, see how this was our first time to a clothing optional resort. After a couple hours we were both naked and never put our suits back on the rest of our stay. There is something about being naked; everyone was so open and friendly, not pushy. We have been to other resorts but agree we will go back to clothing optional again.


The resort was clean, comfortable, and the staff was great. We enjoyed all the food and never had to wait for it, many times the brought us our food even in the buffet. The room was nice, very comfortable and we got great room service.


My wife and I just enjoyed the atmosphere, very sexually charged. This is the only place you see open sexual activities, all the rest is in the playroom or in the bedrooms. So if youre a little shy or not into open sexual activities you don't have to be nervous, its behind closed doors.


The last thing I would have to recommend is the sensual couples message at the spa. It is the greatest; they get you and your spouse hot, wet and ready for action then the leave you to it. We had a very sexual experience, one we will never forget. It is a must for every couple.

Temptation Resort (Desire) Los Cabos Review by from Ohio

My husband and I travel a lot, The rooms are nice, pool is great, food is good, activities are fun, nightclub is fun, the only negative is the beach, being that you can't get in the water to swim, but there are other vacations for that! Shopping is great 5 minutes from hotel in San Jose del Cabo, very charming and not crowded like big tourists destinations like the Caribbean.


The spa was awesome, the treatments very good. We met many very nice people and will definitely be going back; it is very sensual and romantic ambiance. Just go you won't regret it! Haven't been to the Cancun location, but Cancun seems over run with a lot of spring breakers and tourists anyway from what I can remember years ago (early 2000), I did talk to guest and some like Cancun better for the swimming some like Cabo, guess you'll have to decide for yourself.

Write a Review. Your contributions can be the best help for an undecided traveler making a decision where to go. It's easy, just fill out the form and submit the text of your review.


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