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Caliente Caribe (Eden Bay) - Reviews

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Caliente Caribe (Eden Bay) Review by robertnlinda


We arrived about 3:30pm, checked in went to our rooms and turned on the air conditioner. 

At 10:00pm we went back to the room. It was hot as hell, we called the front desk. In 10 minutes we had an A/C repairman. It was broken. Within a few minutes, we had 4 staff moving us to a different villa. All was fine. A true mark of a great resort is what happens if something goes wrong, not if all goes good!!!

The staff was just terrific. They really wanted us to have a great vacation. They did everything possible. 

The property was fantastic. The food was very good. The views were spectacular. I have a problem with walking and stairs. My wife called the front desk, and within 3 minutes, a ride was at my door. We used this method every day. No problem, the staff happy to help.

The staff, led by Patricia and Fernando, was simply the best of any place we have ever experienced. We have vacationed in the Bahamas, St Martin, Hawaii, and have 2 weeks of time shares in Aruba. We have never met a friendlier staff as here.

The other vacationers were great too, probably due the staff and unending willingness to make us happy.

We recommend this resort and will return many times.BIG thank you to Pat, Fernando, Himie, and edwino in the on site store.

Caliente Caribe (Eden Bay) Review by Devine

This is the fourth year in a row that my partner and I have vacationed at Caliente Caribe.  As always the food was exceptional and the wait staff is unbelievable.  We have gotten to know some of the empoyees so well that vacation feels like visiting good friends.   You can't help but succumb to their warmth, gnerosity and genuine concern in your well being.


The resort is beautiful and the grounds are well manicured.  Over the years the rooms have all been upgraded, have air conditioning and television and are spacious as well as clean and comfortable.


The beach is small and ocean access is only for those with water shoes.  Even then you must avoid the broken concrete chunks, rocks and spiny sea urchins.  Being on the Atlantic side of the island and without a break wall barrier the ocean rarely gets ideal for snorkeling and their isn't much of a reef or fish to speak of. 


The pools overlook the ocean and the view is fantastic.  The two hot tubs are nice even if the one by the lower pool has had consisitenltly over the past 4 years, excessive heating/cooling issues.


Caliente Caribe's rules say they do not condone or permit open sexual activity but this year that was not the case.  A group from Caliente Tampa stayed at the resort and drugs, and open sexual acitivity in the pools and hot tub were definitely in fashion.  This group was brought in and accompanied by one of the Caliente shareholders so I presume that Caliente is going the way of 'Hedonism' and the like.  It is public knowledge that Caliente Tampa is hosting monthly 'Swinger' events so it stands to reason that Caribe may be permitting 'Swinger' patricipants and activity to be mixed in with that of their usual clientele.  I do believe that for the sake of unknowing guests that they make note of this change in their publicized rules.



Caliente Caribe (Eden Bay) Review by Allison54

My husband Jim and have attended some C/O beaches on our past vacations in Jamaica and Cuba. He enjoys the freedom of being nude in the sun, water and breeze. Whereas Im on the little more shy side. Every year it seems to get easier. We are both in our mid 50s and our bodies dont quite fit the clothes we had twenty years ago. I enjoy being nude in the outdoors, but always by ourselves. I think that I would be too uncomfortable about myself with other people staring at me. Jim asked about planning our next vacation to Caribe and finally making the commitment to a C/O resort. I was afraid that everyone would be looking at me; I would know someone from home or is it a swingers club. To make Jim happy, I decided to take the plunge and dive in head first. BOY, was I WRONG !!!!. After landing, the taxi ride was one of our longest rides, but it was comfortable. Check in was a breeze and within a few minutes we were in our room. There are enough reviews talking about the resort itself and no sense in repeating. It was GREAT. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the dinners and being to pick from a menu and not going up and down to the buffet table. Being served is what I enjoy. Well ladies, I needed the sarong when I first walked away from our room, but I just decided, When in Rome and the next thing I knew, it was gone. Jim suddenly got this big smile. We quickly met some very nice couples at the bar and around the pool and within two hours I completely forgot about being nude. I especially loved going for a skinny dip in the pool in Jims arms and then relaxing in the hot tub. Looking at the ocean at night in the tub does not seem like our tub at home. I enjoyed walking in hand with my husband and it was like a honeymoon. It certainly re-kindled our marriage. I knew this was one of best romantic vacations and maybe something we need to do a long time ago. I found that most people dressed up at dinner, although as I previously mentioned the clothes were off for the skinny dip. I never felt pressured to remove my evening wear unless I wanted to. For you ladies, who are fighting the idea to attend an au natural beach or resort, DONT. I fought this idea of a C/O resort for quite a few years. Did I ever make a mistake! I will certainly want to come back again, perhaps even trying to bring some friends. I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE.
Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions, especially female first timers.

Caliente Caribe (Eden Bay) Review by coconut

My wife and I were at Caribe during the first week of April celebrating our anniversary. We are both in our mid-thirties. It was our first clothing optional and our first vacation to the Caribbean. The service and food were fantastic! The staff worked hard every minute to cater to everyones needs and did so with happy attitudes and constant genuine friendliness. The groundkeepers worked like ants daily to keep the landscape looking impeccable and security was always vigilant but never imposing.

Our room was enormous and then some. We stayed in a Seacliff room, which are the hotel structures on the beautiful cliffs by the beach. We had a beautiful beach view from our balcony. Everything looked newly remodeled in our room and we had no problems at all with it. The room safe was large enough to fit our cameras, travel dvd player and more.

All meals were ordered by menu and the menu changed everyday. The food was awesome. Delicious and prepared or portioned in anyway you like. In fact, whatever you request at the resort, the staff will go to any length to accommodate you. Our special anniversary dinner with massages by the beach was fantastic!

My wife loves horseback riding and so we went on only one excursion and it was do to just that. We rode 2 hours along the nearby mountainside, through the countryside overlooking the resort and through small DR villages. Even the excursion tour staff was genuinly friendly and takes all the pictures for you while you ride. For a fee they will make a very nice dvd presentation with these pictures. We took snorkel gear with us, but the beach during our stay was unfortunately a bit to rough to swim in. The pools and hot tubs, constantly kept cleaned, made up for not being able to swim the beach though.

As far as clothing, anyone can do whatever he or she would like. Most everyone went nude or was nude at one point or another. Sometimes we put on clothes for meals or dinner, and sometimes we did not. Some couples were completely nude every minute everywhere around the resort. Nudity was the norm for sunbathing and hanging around the beachclub area. At one of our fun afternoon volleyball sessions, everyone in the game was completely nude. My wife had taken two new skimpy bikinis and was in and out of those from time to time depending on her mood or comfort level. The night parties were fun with costume themes. After the parties, many of us stripped off whatever party clothes we had for a night time dip in the pool or hot tub. Watching the stars and moon from the beachside hot tub was one of our most memorable moments. When it comes to clothes whatever you it :)

My wife and I felt like we were part of a close family during our stay at Caliente and will definitely return!

Caliente Caribe (Eden Bay) Review by oh_so_ready

This trip involved 2 firsts for us - our first 'all inclusive' and our first 'clothing optional' resort. The verdict? FANTASTIC! The resort was clean and very well maintained, the staff were terrific and very friendly, even fun, the food was better than average (and there was way too much of it!), and we met lots of interesting people that we hope to continue to stay in touch with. We also spent 4 days in Las Terrenas prior to Caliente and fell in love with the DR. I know this sounds like I work at the DR tourist bureau but other than a bit of a sunburn I really have nothing to complain about! We would go back in a heartbeat. (PS - it is a very romantic location; we especially enjoyed sitting in the lower hot tub right on the ocean with moonlight streaming across the bay)

Caliente Caribe (Eden Bay) Review by Geomike

My wife and I visited Jan 11 -15 and had a wonderful time. The resort is beautifully maintained. The lobby is nicely appointed with chairs and couches surrounding an area with plants. The main dining area is off the lobby, overlooking the upper pool and pool bar. Also in the main area are a night club, store, media room (with public access computer), and fitness room. Wi-fi is also available throughout the grounds.

We stayed in a Seacliff room. Though our room was the smallest of the available room types, it was almost 700 square feet and accommodated us nicely. The room had a sitting area with table and chairs, a king size bed, TV with cable, mini fridge, a/c, and safe. All rooms have an ocean view. We also toured the other rooms on the property. All are beautiful, you just can't go wrong. We did not spend time in our room except to sleep.

The facilities are exceptional. The physical layout of the grounds lends to a feeling of being in two separate resorts. The stairs -- 56 we are told -- from the upper to the lower area are good exercise. The staff can help out with golf cart transportation for those guests who need it. The lower level has a volleyball court, volleyball pool, another pool, hot tub, massage hut, beach bar, beach, shuffleboard and more.

There was a nice variety of food. It was available almost 24 hours a day. All meals were presented via menu choices (no buffet except Friday night dinner), with meat, vegetarian, and fish dishes. We were pleased with the variety and with the presentation. Drinks were top shelf.

Last, but certainly not least, the staff was the best we have ever encountered in our travels. They were attentive to our needs, eager to please, and just generally happy people. From providing entertainment to serving meals, no need went unmet.

We cannot wait to return to Caliente Caribe. It was truly a delight.

Caliente Caribe (Eden Bay) Review by Gumborama

We weren't sure what to expect, but the grounds are extremely lush and well kept. Lots of entertainment (dancing, games, Spanish lessons, Latin dance classes, scuba diving, snorkeling on-site), the service was excellent, the food was very, very good... overall we had a relaxing and fun experience.

This is mostly a nudist resort, not a swingers resort, at least when we were there. We could hear the ocean from everywhere on the property, except from the disco. Our unit was a suite about 100 feet from the beach and I loved the constant lulling of the water. The massages were just ok - whether we got a sports massage or an 'Amma' (pressure point) massage, they were all basically Swedish- very gentle. We took the ATV 4 wheeler trip into the mountains and saw beautiful farms and lush landscapes.

I highly recommend this resort. Also, the weather was perfect in December- 80s during the day and low 70s at night, with a nice ocean breeze most of the time.

Employees who stood out include: Brian and Angela (entertainment directors), Orlando (really funny and sweet Beach Club bartender), Anna (another bartender), Jose (waiter) and the managers (Sinclair and Vaughn).

Another interesting aspect of the resort was all the internationals. A lot of the guests were from Moscow or other Eastern Bloc countries and from all over Europe and Canada. It made for an interesting mix and wild Spanish accents!

Caliente Caribe (Eden Bay) Review by Dorel & Chris

My husband and I arrived at Caliente Caribe and spent a lovely week there during the Christmas holidays. I have to say it is one of the most friendly places we have ever stayed at and the staff overall was very kind and attentive at all times. We met some very nice folks there.


We were actually booked into the apartment block but they upgraded us to a villa on the second highest section with a wonderful view. We highly recommend the villas. It was clean and comfortable. You didn't even need the air conditioning. The villa was great, with a nice view and had a fridge for your own use by the way, which they keep stocked for you.


The grounds themselves were excellent in appearance. The landscaping is lovely and lush. You can see there is a lot of pride in maintaining the grounds.

The weather was a mixture of quick rains and consistent sun in the 80's. Very good weather overall. We thought this was a brilliant place to stay if you just wanted to unplug for a week and soak up some good sun. People who visited were from all over the world and were very friendly on most occasions.

I need to compliment the entire staff for putting on a Christmas Eve dinner in the dark! Our power went out and it was candles all night. You will never find a better service oriented group of staff. And fun too!

Caliente Caribe (Eden Bay) Review by G.

I just enjoyed the most carefree, fun, relaxing vacation I've ever had at Caribe, an adult clothing optional resort. I was looking for a quiet, pleasant, clean, friendly, nonsexual, clothing optional resort. I'm pleased to report that Caribe met, and in many categories, exceeded my expectations.


My trip started with a 1.5 hour drive from Puerto Plata. I was greeted by a driver with a discreet sign who picked me up and offered me refreshments from the hotel. This detail set the stage for a week of superb service. I arrived at the hotel, was greeted with a smile and a rum punch, and was offered a tour of the facilities. Check-in took one minute.


I chose the Sea Cliff room, located on a 100' cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The view was spectacular from the first floor and completely enchanting from the third floor. The room was ample, the furnishings quaint and tropical, clean and well serviced.


The food was very good. Better that I expected. Breakfast was always a la carte. Lunch was served daily at the Sea Side Bar, both specials and a la carte were available. Dinners were very appetizing, varied and well presented. This was topped with superb attentive service by friendly and interested-in-your-well-being-and-enjoyment staff members.


Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the trip was the entertainment. Activities were available from early morning to after dinner. The immersion of your soul in crab races, water volleyball, power walks, poker, rock painting, and many other fun activities melted away years of stress and left me renewed and invigorated.

Yes, nudity is everywhere in the resort, but so is good taste, respect, decency and natural fun. The management makes sure that the ambiance stays appropriate, fun, and in good taste. This blends very well with the surprising beauty of this northern Dominican tropical resort. Caribe is an ideal site for a first time optional experience, or a loving couple looking for a romantic, private get away.



  • Your favorite Sun Tan Lotion with plenty of SPF.
  • Wading Shoes (the beach access is rocky so you will need them)
  • Mosquito repellent for you for the dusk hours only
  • Beach wraps, to get rid of your bulky towel
  • A willingness to have fun in a natural way


Caliente Caribe (Eden Bay) Review by Phillip

We had a wonderful trip - Good food, beautiful grounds and a most excellent staff. TAxi driver waiting for us at the airport even though flight was an hour late. New rooms with all new insides and air conditioning.
We had a wonderful time - very nice guests -  met nice people, many were owners, at the evening meal. Good internet access.
No complaints.

Caliente Caribe (Eden Bay) Review by Deb

Our week at the resort was just fantastic, exuberating, refreshing and memorable. This was our first visit to a Clothing Optional resort so we were a bit uneasy about making the initial decision to book our stay.


However, your entire staff provided superb service and made us feel very comfortable for our first experience. And combined with the excellent weather, food and beverages I am sure you will see us again. In the meantime we plan to spread the word to many of our young free spirited friends about the great place you have in the Caribbean.

Write a Review. Your contributions can be the best help for an undecided traveler making a decision where to go. It's easy, just fill out the form and submit the text of your review.


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