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Caliente Resort (Florida) - Reviews

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Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by Foot Long Fred

I am a frequent guest as I usually stay there in conjunction with my business trips so I am there as a single guy. Is a very friendly staff and the resort is the nicest nudist resort in the US. Great food, both formal and informal. Has a fun sports bar. The pools are beautiful anf sexy. The night club is the highlight as it is full of energy and young people. Although I am one of the few men dancing nude it doesn't hinder me from letting it all hang out- and I mean really hang out! I would recommend it for both true nudist and 'lifestylers'. I'm straight and a true nudist but it doesn't keep me from playing around the edges, I get approached by swingers and 'friendly' women fairly often but a 'no thanks' is sufficient to ward off unwanted indiscretions.

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by jamo1964

Wow! First time to something like this. Arrived with the wife Thursday. Went to the Night club and had a very hot time and then made love for 3 hours. Friday night, a couple from Canada picked us up. We went out on the pool deck around midnight and had a full on swap. The fellow fell out quick so it was me, my wife and his wife. Wow. Saturday I put my wife on an interracial couple. We ended up having sex on a lounger when three black men asked if it was open. She had a quick time of getting doggie styled and suck in each of them. They were polite, wore rubbers, but they came so quick.

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by natuarlist

Great resort Monday thru Thurs, disgusting resort Friday thru Sunday due to all the swingers events and parties. Caliente management gives free rooms to all the swingers for 'parties' on the weekends. We were constantly harassed by swingers to party with them. I won't even describe the sexual acts that were going on in and around the pools and security did nothing to stop it. We tried to stay clear of 'swingers' areas which I felt was wrong. I paid for the same amenities as everyone else but we felt alienated cause we were not swingers. We also made the mistake of giving caliente our email and phone number. They call and harass us constantly. They also have time-share salespersons EVERYWHERE to harass you while your there. Food and drinks are overpriced. Staff is young and unprofessional along with management. As nudists only we were very disappointed. To swingers friendly for our liking.

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by johncsen

We had stayed at Calienta before as a couple n with kids, was 5 years since, they kept calling us to visit again. once on list they do not stop calling you. we came for a weekend needed R&R. Made reservation, stated we had kids, gate, door security and front desk saw we had 3 teen children. An Hour later, at the pool, a security guard told us we had to pack up and leave. NO KIDS ALLOWED. We drove 4 hours to get there. They handed us a refund and kept security with us through dressing & all. Asked to speak to manager, he called me a lier, at my car, for ever saying we had come there before and told me to leave the property or he will call the sheriff. We're a 'loving n peaceful' 20 year nudist family. We brushed the dust from our shoes and went to another resort and had a great weekend. Thanks for kicking us out as our weekend was heavenly, without you. Children learned some valuable lessons on how bad customer service can be and how not to let it mess up your vacation, better places out there.Place is beautiful, service !!SUCKS!!

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by Fun in the sun

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: 

First, the Good - Great heated pool, and hot tub, met really cool people, attractive and willing to mingle, food was excellent and priced fairly. Night club rocked on Friday and Saturday. 

Next, the Bad - Scary single guy on the dance floor, naked, by him self, with a hard on. Not good. Room was just ok, but they know this and are about to rebuild the hotel bigger and better. 

 Finally, the Ugly - The marketing pitch was a joke. They promised a 45 minute presentation, and 3 hours later we told them we were done. It starts with a lie - the inflation calculator is mathematically way off, as it assumes your expenditures are 100% made in year one, and then the inflation rate was applied to it. Way overstates the your estimated costs. Then the manager Bruce was called in after I did not want to buy, and he was rude and an ass. Conclusion - Just pay your resort fee and skip this fiasco. We would like to go back, but they said since we did not buy the marketing package, our names would be placed on a list and we would not be allowed to come back. Really? come on.

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by Chris (Florida)

I was at Caliente from Nov 14 - Nov 17, 2010. This was a GREAT place. I enjoy being nude around the house and to be able to be in a hotel room naked and not have to worry about closing the curtains or leave the front door open if you want a cross breeze is AWESOME.... 

I was naked from the time I got there until I left. You could walk to the ice machine, through the parking lot, lobby, in the restaurant, sauna, steam rooms anywhere on the entire grounds naked. 

The staff was out of this world polite and the people visiting like myself to the local members and people who lived on property we all great. I met a lot of new friends and received a lot of information about other resorts and nude cruises. I would recommend this place to anyone. 

The only down side I saw was my G/F was unable to make it at the last minute and I was charged 75.00 a day grounds fees, it's 50.00 each for couples (100.00) a day. Even the residence and the members agreed that was kinda high, but the grounds and club house are beautiful. I will be returning and also going to the club in the Dominican

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by Bob Mn

had a very good time.. Needs a little face lift, & would be nice if had a swim up bar in a pool. Food was very good.Only negitve is smoking seems to be a norm by hot tub, WITH signs that say Entering a Smoke Free Zone. Smoking was every where including the DJ for the music

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by linked2gether

I don't know why people are complaining about petty things. I love Caliente and have had nothing but good times there. For one, I know the DJ and he does not smoke, the rooms have been renovated, and the staff is wonderful. All in all, the prices are fair. I will be back.

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by naveypilot

The resort used to be one of the best in the country, however the grounds, and the rooms need a good make over. It looks well worn. I hope they have some clean up planed in the future. The crowd is diverse with the mix of hard core swingers and regular nudist, but they seem to coexist in the large property.

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by CA Vacationers

Beware that Steven Dorsey the owner of Caliente Resort is promoting SWINGER EVENTS with CHILDREN PRESENT.It's disturbing and disgusting! Be aware that children live on premise at Caliente Resort - and the resort is having Swinger takeovers, with children present.I don't judge Swingers or Nudists. But you cannot mix Children and Swingers - nobody wants that.Not to mention the place is more of a motel than a resort.

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by Buisness trips

I have been going to the Caliente Resort in Tampa for several years (since opening).  I stay at the resort while doing business in Tampa, and found it to be price competitive with most hotels, and very pleasant to stay at.  The people are nice the accomidations are 1st class and the amenities are wonderful.

Most people can not submit an expense report from a clothing optional resort, thus the ability to stay at this kind of a resort is usaly resrticted to people who own their own companies.

My stay allows me to enjoy the resort amenities, and do busienss in Tampa.  Best of both worlds.....

The Spa treatment is a great relaxation after a tough day of business.   Also.  To just sit at the pool and relax ain't all that bad either.

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by Foxeylatina

As a member, I have spent a lot of time at Caliente over the last 4 years or so.  I enjoy all it has to offer and it has everything anyone could need or want.  I love to lay by one of their pools in the sun while I read, listen to music or talk to old friends and make new friends.  As you can imagine I am bronzed with no lines and I love it that way.   I so enjoy watching other people having such a good time.  If I just want to lie around in the sun alone, I can do that and I feel refreshed and ready to go again.


When there are special functions there will be vendors to peruse and there's usually live music outside too.  I love the bike rallys and car shows.  Some of the regular groups that meet at the club for the nightlife will gather by the karaoke bar outside and get warmed up for the festivities to come.  It's a great way to meet people before you hit the dancefloor.


When I've had enough sun for one day, I have a nice lite meal at the sports bar and some more conversation.    Before I go clubbin, I have a nice elegant dinner with my date.  I get the chance to dress up and relax before I burn up the calories on the dancefloor. 


The boutique is wonderful, the spa is outstanding and I love the full gym.  There is also several exercise classes that are fun and not just a hard workout so you don't feel like you're suffering.


I have stayed at the Villas, Hotel, and Casitas.  They're all great. 

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by SoCalCpl

When we booked into the Caliente Resort & Spa we heard that the Land O' Lakes clothing optional resort had undergone a management change over the summer. As a result, more swinger and Lifestyle type groups were booking convention weekends and occasionally clashing with ordinary couples on vacations. All that may be true but we found Caliente large enough to absorb the differing agendas and still remain a class act. It is the undisputed 5-Star of nudist resorts.

Are there some things we could wish for? Sure, it would be nice if Caliente were on the ocean intead of the middle of Pasco County. But the visual beauty of the place is without question and overall we found the service to be in-line with the resort with albeit an occasional hiccup.

The staff is for the most part young and eager to please. However sometimes one wishes there were a gray head or two somewhere in the background overseeing them as they scurry about in the restaurant. My wife's dinner order was misinterpreted at one point. Happily in the end our meals were a notch above average and the price commensurate with the quality.

If at all possible within your budget we recommend spending a bit more and booking a casita or condominium rather than staying in the hotel. Not that there is any glaring deficiency in the rooms but they are somewhat pedestrian and reminiscent of any mid-priced motel room found everywhere. We had advance information and stayed in a gorgeous 2-bedroom condominium by the lake with a fountain shooting out in the center of the water a la a mini Lake Geneva. All this just outside our bedroom window.

The resort takes on a different (my wife calls it enchanted) ambiance as the Sun goes down. It's as if the place is transported from Florida to some undisclosed location in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. Outside the lagoon pool lights up and the waterfall with it's faux boulders take on a theme park-like radiance. Standing atop the upper deck one could be surveying a scene from the Costa del Sol. Inside, gazing up at the towering ceilings then down to the fresco wall painting, one has to pinch themselves to believe that this is actually a clothing optional resort.

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by dmsgrl

We really liked this property; in fact, we purchased a membership which gives you discounts on dining and spa treatments and takes care of all your day fees. If you plan to go three times or more per year, a membership makes sense moneywise. We stayed in one of the 'Casitas' which are actually privately owned single wide mobile homes. They are managed by a rental pool. Ours was very clean and well appointed. It was handled just like a hotel room with daily maid service. The main clubhouse was a bit of a hike, especially at night when it was cold, but you can be picked up or driven back to your casita in a golf cart by a staff member any time you want. We found them very responsive. The onsite restaurant isn't great but it isn't terrible and it isn't overpriced for what it is. We were satisfied with it. They service was very good throughout the resort. They have a nice spa with a number of treatments available. I had a body treatment and a facial and both were great. They are very good about security in terms of it being a naturist resort. No one can wander in our out. There were some families there which was nice. There's a large playground area. There is definitely the swinger element present but it is not in your face and there is no inappropriate behavior in the public areas (pool, spa, etc.) whatsoever. The nightclub could maybe be a bit more up to date. It looks very dated. But it's a fun place with lots of fun people and that's what counts. We found the staff to be EXCEPTIONAL in every way. As I said, we liked it enough that we bought a membership. It's nice to have a naturist resort in the US that actually IS very nice, family oriented, etc. and offers all the amenities of a resort.

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by ca_ursa

My girlfriend and I spent 3 nights at Caliente last weekend. It was her first clothing optional resort experience and i was hoping that she would enjoy it. Well, we both had a wonderful time. The facilities, staff, food and nightclub were all great. We can't wait to go back.


My only suggestion for improvement is an upgrade to the coffee. While everything else at the resort was great we felt that the coffee was just OK and looked for a Starbucks as soon as we left the property ...... A great resort and a very comfortable place for a first time clothing optional experience.



Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by scubapilot

The wife and I took advantage of the 'Stay Tuesday and Wednesday Nights and get Thursday Night Free' promotion to give Caliente a try. We were very pleasantly surprised with the facility, grounds and staff. We stayed in a one bedroom condo which was very nice. The condo furnishings were as nice as any we have stayed in around the gulf coast resorts. There is a walking trail that goes through the resort, around the lakes and through each of the different types of accommodations. The trail is a good way to explore the resort and see all of the different facilities.

Staying in the condos you feel like you are in a regular neighborhood. In fact you are in a regular neighborhood because the majority of the condos appear to be permanent residence. You see people walking their dogs, working in their yards, cooking on the grill, just like at home. The only difference is the majority of the people are nude. This is a great place to get a feel for what living in a nudist community would be like. It was great.

The web site needs a little updating, but we found the area to be better than the pictures posted. There is more shade around the pool area than is shown - this is a good thing. The pictures on there web site of the pool areas, grounds and buildings are accurate representations. Use the Map Quest directions and not the directions on their web site. The directions on their web site can get you lost.

During the week there is an older crowd with the average age in the 50s. One day there were only 6 couples at the pools. The one negative was that they do allow single men to come to the pool areas. There were 5 or 6 single men there but they stayed around a different area than the couples. The men were all straight and didn't seem to be there just to look at the nude women. We went to the upper pool, which they call a conversation pool, and had the entire area by ourselves. For newbies to the nude vacation experience this gave us some time alone to get comfortable.

Beginning on Thursday and up to Sunday a younger crowd shows up. If you are looking for a lot of activity go Thursday and plan leaving early Sunday.

The wife tried the Spa  a facial and a pedicure. She said the facial was the best she has ever had. She has had facials in some of the best Spas in Atlanta and around the south. She couldnt quit complimenting the girl that gave her the facial. Next time I am going to try the massage.

If you want to give the nude vacation a try, go Monday through Thursday and you will be able to get away from other people until you are comfortable. After 15 minutes you forget you are nude and begin to relax. The first time we tried the nude thing we were scared to death. For the first 15 minutes I was afraid that everybody would point and laugh. After a short time you realize that no one really notices you and you feel a little let down. You think - what is wrong with me - nobody even noticed than I am naked. The fact that everybody is nude is why nobody really pays any attention. You will not be the best looking person there and you will not be the worst looking either. Just do it - relax - and enjoy the experience.

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by L & P

We just stayed for our first time at Caliente Tampa in Land O Lakes, FL. This was also our first clothing optional resort experience. We had a GREAT time. We were there from April 19 thru 22, the 'Birthday Bash.' On Ladies Night on the 19th, the music was great, just what we like: 70's and 80's Rock music. On Sunday, the Bobby Friez Band played poolside. They were GREAT!!

Caliente Resort (Florida) Review by Sam

I would just like to say, that i stayed at CALIENTE TAMPA, between the dates of 20th of march 2007 and the 27th of march, and the whole complex, exceeded my expectations, the place is really a 5 star resort, faultless, spotless, great facilities, friendly and attentive staff... i will definitely be returning. So, thanks for a great HOLIDAY!

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