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What is the dress code?
Don't panic, it's your vacation so dress like it. We recommend light clothing and plenty of shorts, swimsuits and cover-ups. However, gentlemen will need slacks and a dinner jacket for our more formal restaurants. And if you plan to play golf, tennis or workout, make sure you have the appropriate attire. We suggest one large suitcase and a comfortable carry on bag for essentials.

Are "Cameras" allowed on Resort Properties?
If you wish to take personal photographs during your stay at any Resorts, a manager must be present while the photographs are taken. The use of any camera or DEVICE with Camera capability, by any unauthorized guest or person, is strictly prohibited.

The "Unspoken" Rule!
Overt sexual behavior or the appearance of such behavior is unacceptable at the Resorts. Behavior "never needing an apology" is the norm. Remember No means No. Sexual harassment is not permitted, is against the law in most places, and clothing optional or Nudist resorts certainly don't allow it.

Is Clothing Optional Holidays for you?
If you desire to experience the luxury, freedom and joy that only the most modern and spacious clothing optional resorts on the planet can provide, then Clothing Optional Holidays is for You!

Exactly what does "Clothing Optional" mean?
If you choose to go topless or naked in the pool or at the beach you may certainly do so. But there is never any pressure for you, or any guest, to do anything which you find uncomfortable. The guests are mature and sophisticated; a "live and let live" philosophy is key to the enjoyment of an alternative lifestyle.

Cover-ups, however, are required where food is served, in the lobby and certain other "public" areas.

Can we have sex (oral also) by the pool?
No, all forms of sex are prohibited at the pool, beach and general areas of the hotel. The areas designated for open displays of sex are only in the privacy of guest rooms.
Inappropriate behavior between guests and staff is not allowed at all the Resorts.

Do the resorts have laundry service?
Most of the Resorts have laundry services available at an additional charge.

Is sex permitted on the beach?
No sexual activity is permitted in public areas. In order to be considerate of other guests and staff, sexual activity should take place in the privacy of guests' rooms.

What kind of sun protection do I need?
The Caribbean sun can be very strong, so we recommend you bring plenty of protection (i.e.: sun screen, sun glasses, hats & visors). However, if you forget any of these items, several products are available at the sundry & gift shops.

I'm self-conscious about my body type. Won't I be embarrassed?
If you're going to a nude beach expect to see bodies of all types, shapes and sizes - tall, short, thin, opposite of thin, black, white, brown and everything in between. Not wearing clothes is nothing to be embarrassed about.

What's the difference between Clothing Optional (C/O) and Nudist facilities?
A resort or beach that is Clothing Optional means that you can be dressed or nude in the designated areas - your choice. Many first timers prefer Clothing Optional locations because it gives them a chance to "ease" out of their clothes. A Nude or Nudist facility or beach usually means that you are expected to be out of your clothes completely in the designated areas.

What's this I hear about "Nude Etiquette"?
Any clothing optional or nude facility may have their own rules, but generally the following guidelines will be appropriate:

  • Always keep a towel handy and put it over any furniture you sit on. (Good hygiene)
  • Try not to stare at other people who are nude, that's considered rude.
  • Refrain from any crude or lewd remarks about another person's body or appearance.
  • Follow the "rules of the house". Some Resorts do not allow topless or nudity beyond the hotel beach limits.

All Clothing Optional Resorts are an open-minded ambiance, however drug use is strictly prohibited at any resort.



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