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Breezes Rio Bueno - Review

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Grand Lido Braco Review by Afasa

Went looking for a romantic weekend without the kids and were not disappointed! Initial uneasiness at being placed in room on the 'au naturel' side soon evaporated. Excellent room overlooking idyllic palm-studded beach. Truly an all-inclusive resort with a strict no-tipping policy. No surprise fees or charges. Professional spa services at reasonable prices - enjoyed his and hers massages in secluded outdoor treatment area overlooking beach. Delightful! Quality of food and beverage services way above average for all-inclusive. Staff uniformly friendly and helpful. Bed turn-down service with fresh hibiscus petals a pleasant surprise. Can't wait to go back.

Grand Lido Braco Review by Dfun

We returned 2/3/08 from glb after a 6 night stay. We find this site very useful so decided to return the favor for others.

We've been to Jamaica 4 times now as well as other tropical locations, to include Couples Negril, Couples Ocho Rios and Sandals Negril. I'd go back to any of them in a heart beat although Couples Negril and glb would be the top 2 I've been to in Jamaica.

The trip there was uneventful, landed and waited about 15 minutes in the superclub lobby after retrieving luggage. We boarded the bus 'holds about 20 to 30 people' and headed out. The driver was very friendly, we did stop for drinks mid-way for about 15 minutes and then completed our 45 minute drive not including the stop.

Check in was smooth and we did get an ocean view room on the prude side. The room was clean yet showed some wear. The fridge had some beer, water, and soda in it. Although beach front, there were trees between us and the beach which obsctructed the view a little. Biggest complaint about the room would be no lounge chair 'while waiting on the wife to get ready even though there was room for one'. Other inconviences were getting proper items for fridge eventhough left a note with quantity and items we wanted, stepped on a peice of glass, hair dryer quit about the 3rd day , and fresh spot of blood about the size of a dime...on our freshly changed sheets. How the blood spot went unnoticed is beyond me, maybe the maid thought we wouldn't pull our sheets down and see it! We are pretty laid back and don't let the little stuff bother us, and anything we requested got handled in a timely manner, ie; changing the sheets, hair dryer etc.

The grounds are beautiful. We enjoyed taking a walk in the morning before hitting the gym. We wish that the beach was longer but is adequate. The gym was never too busy that you couldn't get in a good work out or some cardio equipment. They had someone on hand to keep the floor clean etc.. There were towels and cold bottle water available also. The view is fantastic as it is literally just a few yards from the ocean.

The pool on the prude side is plenty big for the quantity of people that were there during our stay. We never worried about towels or finding a lounger at the pool or the beach for that matter.

The prude bar is very handy and service was always good. I usually mostly drink beer which was always Red Stripe forget about the light...not available! The drinks dirty bananas etc. were all made with syrup no real fruit like Couples and Sandals which was a disapointment to my wife. Canned Miller Lite would occassionally show up but don't plan on getting it as that isn't the norm.

There is a hot tub on the same deck as the prude pool. I got in once and the temperature was perfect. This hot tub usually was vacant though.

The pool at the A/N side was beautiful and big! Like the other pool there was not usually a problem getting a lounger or towel even though there was a group of 25 or so couples there from a tour guide group. The bar service still excellent even though much busier than the prude bar. At times there was someone to come take drink orders as you relax in your chair.

The A/N beach is very close and big enough that you can have your own little piece of paradise to yourself. The biggest problem you have there is that the bar or restroom is 50 yards or so away. There are rooms that overlook the A/N beach which look as if they had great views.

The A/N area also had 2 hot tubs, one smaller holds 6-8 and another which held 30? We used both of these and the temperature was perfect. Usually in the evening about dusk the larger hot tub would fill up and drink service was available for a while until the bar itself closed at dark. After the main pool bar closed there is a clubhouse bar available nearby, also where the pool restrooms are located.

The restrooms throughout the resort were always clean and had paper towels, soap etc..

The food was always good! wether it was an omlet at the breakfast buffet or lamb chops at one of the grills for lunch. We ate at all the specialty restaurants and didn't go wrong anywhere. The street buffet was also excellent. We also ordered room service for breakfast and an evening snack and both arrived timely and tasted great. take long pants, not a jacket as they provide one at the French restaurant. I hear you need to book it upon arrival.

The guests were mostly American and Canadian with very few Europeans. We had more of an international mix at Couples Negril and Sandals Negril because I think the beach itsself is more famous.

The weather was windy most days. If you plan on going snorkling or scuba diving you'd be rolling the dice at this resort. It did rain briefly a couple days with a few days mostly cloudy yet very comfortable.

Overall a great trip. The staff are friendly and responsive to any request you have. The grounds are beautiful and everything is clean. I'd say that what we got for the money we spent was very fair. The guest we encountered were very courteous and respectful, we even met a few couples that we'd dine with etc..

This wouldn't be a place for singles. We did meet two single woman who went to Breezes a day or two because there were no men for them to meet.

Grand Lido Braco Review by Happitravels

My husband and I just returned from a perfect weeks vacation at 'Grand Lido Braco' There is no point in going into lots of details as they have been well covered by all the other reviews. Simply put, the food is absolutely amazing. I thought that the food we had at other AI resorts was good but they don't hold a candle to the food here.

The staff were fantastic and made you feel as if you were the most important person there. We were very fortunate to have a beachfront room with a breathtaking view.

There are so many little extras at this resort that you don't get elsewhere that made it even better including the golf, golf lessons, room service, free laundry, free pick up of your shoes to be shined and brought back within 3 hours. Unfortunately our week was too windy to participate in any of the water activities but they are all there for your enjoyment also. We heard so much about the 'Au Natural' side but never did visit it. I don't feel our trip was any less amazing because we didn't go there.

As much as we have enjoyed all the other resorts we have visited GLB is definitely the one we will go back to.

Grand Lido Braco Review by 5xwin

This my honest opinion of GLB. I am not a picky or negative person. This resort is a pretty good all inclusive. The village concept is pretty cool. The food is excellent.
If you're into the nude thing, It seemed pretty cool on that side of the resort. (we aren't 'hardcore nudists' ie: hanging out, eating, drinking, and playing games nude, but we do try to get an all over tan) We did spend most of our time on the main side of the resort.

Pool is great. Too windy for us to do anything in the water, so I can't speak about that. The staff/people are tremendous, but that is to be expected in Jamaica. The people are why we go to Jamaica. There are just no people like the Jamaicans. The most friendly, laid back, helpful, kind, people I've seen in the world.
Negatives: The rooms need some work. This is not a resort to go to if you are looking for a great beach.

We've been to Couples Negril and I would give CN the edge in overall 'niceness'.

Grand Lido Braco Review by E.

We have just returned from the most wonderful vacation we have ever had in our lives. The concept at Braco is so unique - we absolutely loved it! Braco is the most awesome vacation place on Earth! Even though this was our first visit, you can be assured that it won't be our last. In the future, Braco will be OUR vacation spot - our place to get rejuvenated from the daily stressors. Since our return, we have been recommending Braco to all our relatives and friends, and will continue to do so. Keep up the excellent work - and kudos to you and your staff, they are a credit to your organization.

Write a Review. Your contributions can be the best help for an undecided traveler making a decision where to go. It's easy, just fill out the form and submit the text of your review.


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