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Breezes Grand Negril - Review

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Grand Lido Negril Review by ms mg

I have stayed at the grand lido negril for 5 days each of the last 5 years, for the Little Feat Fan excursion, where the band plays under the stars for 2 full band shows and an acoustic show by 2 members of the band.
The Lido has 24 hour room service and several very good restaurants. Yes, service can be slow because for 51 weeks of the year, vacationers dont have anything better to do than dine in a leisurely continental fashion. We featfans always have friends to talk to, dirty bananas or rum punches or hummingbirds to drink, while waiting for the shows to start.

Almost everyone who works here is exceptionally friendly and pleasant. The only exception is sometimes young people who are just starting their careers who may ignore some ladies who come to the bars - yes, it might be a sexist thing. It's just a matter of training and i have found that the staff responds well to courtesy and patience, instead of demands.When i wanted a cheese plate in the French restaurant & it was not on the menu, our server explained to me about the menu and the chef, and I understood well. The next day I saw the supervisor in the lobby and thanked her for the service of the waitress the night before. as frequently happens, praise is so appreciated and rarely given. they both were happy with some kindness!

The buffets are pretty good and there are always stations for specialties, whether fajitas or roast or waffles, etc.
The italian restaurant is quick and the martini bar has a great view.
There are also lots of activities and water sports if you wish do to more than sit on the beach. no excuses about being bored.

The room airconditioners are hard to use because they are electric and not like yours at home. I have a similar system at home and people need to ask housekeeping for help if they are uncomfortable, temp wise. chances are you dont know what the sun or raindrop mean on the remote! our ac was freezing every night the last 2 years. Also, i have seen some housekeepers open the whole room and air it out, so it may take time to cool the room again.

I like the size of the rooms and the views, and I like the resort as a whole. Having a place to hang out at 3 am is FUN! Check out the plaque at the 'FarBar' which is usually open during the day.
I do take small presents for the housekeepers as their work makes my life nicer, and i leave a note for them.

dont forget to take insect repellent as some little buggies come out at dusk all over the caribbean and mexico. there is a nuirse on duty in the lobby area. great massages in the cabanas on the sea. too.
i have stayed at 4 other resorts in Jamaica, and the grand lido is not perfect but it is a lot nicer than others I have enjoyed.

Grand Lido Negril Review by SD

My wife and I went with a small group of seven people. I believe I speak for us all when I say we had a great time at GLN. The best thing about GLN is the two beautiful beaches. If you prefer prude or nude they both are great places to spend time in the sun. Other than that I will give you the short and sweet version of our experience.

Activities - All you can ask for; Dive (up to three times a day), Snorkel, Water Ski, Sail, Glass Bottom Boat, Etc.
Food - Very good with plenty of options. If you can't find what you like your to picky.

Alcoholic Beverages - Red Stripe & Red Stripe Light for beer and a good selection of premium liquors to choose from.
Rooms - None of the people in the group we were with had any issues with our rooms. I'm under the impression that the c/o side has the more appealing rooms and you really would not notice that it is c/o unless you go to the beach or c/o pool. That is were the seven of us had our rooms and I would recommend it.
Atmosphere - We found the GLN to be very laid back. Not to busy, not to quiet. The employees were not to aggressive, although polite and accommodating when needed.

Over All The GLN could use some updating in the pool areas and activities equipment. The food and drinks will more than get the job done. There is plenty of activities in and around GLN to keep a active person going and a awesome beach to soak in the sun.

If you can get a reasonable rate this all inclusive has a lot to offer but keep in mind it is not a spring chicken.

Grand Lido Negril Review by Madison

My wife and I spent a long time looking at reviews of different properties on this site. We saw a few negative ones that made us worry. My advice: Most of the hotels in Negril looked wonderful so pick the one the best meets your budget.

We stayed at Grand Lido Negril for 3 nights 1/26/08-1/29/08.

It took about 2 hours from the airport to get to the hotel but you got to see some of the country.

The resort was great! the grounds were beautiful and the beach awesome. It has a small pool though. We had a garden view on the same side as the c/o beach. That is a very small area that you will not even notice if you stay on that side unless you happen to be in the few rooms that look out onto that beach.

The resort is large and they do a great job of offering lots of options so that even though it was fully booked when we were there there were always plenty of lounge chairs opened at the beach, no racing to reserve a chair in the morning. Some of the other resorts we saw as we walked along the beach seemed more crowded at the beach.

My wife and I are 39 and we were on the young side of the guest at the resort. it is relaxing, not a rocking good time, althought we pretty much had a drink in our hands from noon on! We were away from the kids for a few days so we were looking for relaxing and this was perfect. The rooms were nice and clean and we had no problems.

The snorkeling trip to the reef was awesome! I would highly recommend it. Also, take a sailing lesson.

We thought they had great jamaican food and that the French restaurant was good. This is jamaica, eat jamaican food and you will be very happy. if you want French food, you will probably be unhappy. Skip the Lido Cafe (it is like a TGIF with really good service)

So if you like the beach and want to drink pina coladas on the beach and go snorkling, go the Grand Lido!

Grand Lido Negril Review by MB

As we didn't have much time to escape on a trip during this busy time of year, and had never been to the caribbean before, we wanted to choose the best place for a first time experience. We decided on a quick 4 day getaway at Grand Lido Negril, a very luxurious resort, and were completely relaxed upon arrival. Immediately greeted by friendly staff at the airport, they organized everyone quickly and we headed to the resort.

Upon arrival to the resort, again very friendly staff welcomed us with a glass of mimosa. With our private tour guide, we were given a tour of the property and settled in to our suite in no time...we instantly knew this was the place to be!

The staff, accommodations, food and overall beauty of this resort can help anyone relax almost immediately. With a schedule of events to attend (only if you want), water sports, nightly entertainment, a fantastic fitness centre, spa and in-room dining, the choice is truly yours in how you spend your time.

From formal to casual dining it was a fantastic place to celebrate our anniversary. We had dinner at the French and Japanese restaurants during this trip and they were both wonderful experiences. The food and service were fantastic!

The property and beaches are maintained daily, so it is very clean. Our room faced the ocean on the ground floor, which is an option we would choose again. We were located on the clothing optional side of the property, which was more secluded - again, another option we would choose again.

We cannot say enough about this wonderful paradise, only that we will most certainly be going back. Thank you Grand Lido - to all of the staff who helped make our vacation truly that, a vacation!

Grand Lido Negril Review by Tom

We were impressed by service we received from everyone on the staff. I would guess we had some sort of interaction with 40-50 different staff during our stay. Every one of them was friendly and cheerful.


The property was beautiful and of course the location was amazing; but hiring and motivating a large staff with great attitudes is what separates the best places from the good ones.


Dinner at Munasan was great. We were offered steak, chicken, shrimp or salmon or any combination. I choose all four, thinking I would get a quarter portion of each. It was more like 3/4 portion of each. I couldn't finish it (and I always finish my meal).


The entertainment at the Grand Gala was fabulous, what voices. The food was equal to the entertainment. Lobster, Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork were my favorites. We stayed talking to our new friends until we realized that the show had wrapped up and we were almost the last ones there. Only to retire to the Jacuzzi with champagne delivered to our room.


Dinner at Piacere. Truly magnificent! I enjoyed every course. The crab cakes were the best I ever tasted and Jill thought the same of her risotto. The rest of the meal was wonderful too. I thoroughly enjoyed the Crème Brûlée

Write a Review. Your contributions can be the best help for an undecided traveler making a decision where to go. It's easy, just fill out the form and submit the text of your review.


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