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Hidden Beach Tulum - Review

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Hidden Beach Tulum Review by JERRY DUGAT

For the last 3 years we have taken a group to Hidden Beach, Tulum, Mexico. This last trip we spent over $58,000.00 with HBR. The staff there is great and the service is wonderful. Could not ask for anything better. 

I WIL NEVER TAKE ANOTHER GROUP THERE AGAIN. On our third day I made arrangements for a nude sail (not with HBR). When the group was trying to catch the schuttle security surrounded us and would not allow us to board the schuttle. They had us go to the Highway to catch our transportation. On the last night one of my guest's room was broken into and they lost about $3,000.00 in cash, jewelry, etc.. Security came and made out a report that had no mention of HBR on it. I had them copy a logo onto the page. They said that we would have to go into Play del Carman to make an offical report. dong this would have ment they would have missed their flight back to the States. All they needed was something from the resort stating the the insident happened for their insurance. HBR (El dorado) would not give it. 

Now they act as if nothing ever happened and that we were not there. As great as it was we will never go there again. And that is ashame because the Staff, Food, guest....were great.

Hidden Beach Tulum Review by Darla

  This was our second visit to Hidden Beach and we will be going again next week for 2 weeks.   Hidden Beach has become a

'home away from home' to us.

    You could not ask for better service and after just a couple of days you feel like you are 'at home' and all the staff are your very own personal employees just jumping to make all your wishes come true.

     The only 'down' part that I can see is that they do not have any coffee creamer available at the early morning coffee time.  If you go for breakfast around 7am then you can get cream for your coffee but if you are an early riser like I am and like to have coffee around 6am...then you will need to go without cream or take along packets of dry creamer.   Also they do not have Sweet 'n Low sweetner so if you prefer that brand....take some with you.

    We are headed back Oct. 24 for 2 weeks.  So looking forward to this as it is not only over 'Halloween' but also my husband's birthday.  I am going to ask to have a birthday cake made up for him for everyone to enjoy at lunch on his birthday.  The cooks are so wonderful that the day that you are to fly home if you let them know the night before, they will have special sandwiches for you to take along and will even put in some homemade sweets so you can have something nice on the plane.

     Wonderful place to relax and reconnect.  We love it there and hope to see you there sometime soon!


Hidden Beach Tulum Review by Virginia

We just returned from our 5th stay at HBR and had a great time. The staff continues to be outstanding in every respect and the service was superb....Every day. The unique surprises for Exotic Club visitors were a new feature and made us feel truly special. The cuisine was exceptional at all of the restaurants we ate at and the entertainment was varied.

Needless to say we will return and highly recommend this resort to anyone who appreciates the Au Natural sun in a luxurious environment.

Hidden Beach Tulum Review by Zeke

This was our second time back. We were there April 2007 (and couldn't wait to return).

Everyone was so welcoming. We were greeted with hugs from many of the staf members who remembered us. I am reluctant to mention particular staff members because that would slight some that were not mentioned. Every single one was superior. We've never experience the uniform quality of service that is ubiquitous here.

The place is even better. They've constructed a new fixed awning over the outside dining area with roll-up clear wind screens. It was welcome, because when we arrived it was really cold. Couldn't even take off our clothes. They've also planted more palm trees. There is plenty of shade and plenty of beach beds and chairs. No getting up at 6:00 in the morning to reserve your space. Thank you for that. The beach is fine but the use of the water is nonexistant. The water is too shallow, the bottom is too uneven and too rough to even get into the sea. Even bringing water shoes doesn't help. If you want to get into the water you have to walk down to the beach at the other side of El Dorado Seaside Suites - but you'll need a bathing suit. Perhaps this is why the resort is called Hidden Beach? It's beautiful to look at though. Other than that, there doesn't seem to be any other changes to the resort itself. Nothing has been done with the abandoned pool at the end of the property. (I would like them to either bulldoze away the closed up pool or get it fixed and open it.)

What would I like improved? There is a (free) computer available for internet access. As most of the visiters are english speaking it would be an improvement if it was an American keyboard.

The staff asks you, all day long, if you need anything or if they can do anything to make your stay better. They really mean it. Just ask and they will do everything possible to make it happen. They will give you a questionaire when you leave to give you an opportunity to make suggestions. I recommend you ask for it when you arrive so as you think of things you can note them on it -not when you are about to get into a taxi to go to the airport.

People who are new to the resort are always concerned about what to wear dining. At breakfast people generally wear one of the three robes provided, or a see thru type cover-up, a sarong and sometimes nothing - mostly depending on how hot it is. For lunch, every day there is a grill at pool side or dining in the open patio restaurant between the pool and the guest rooms. Often people are completely nude or wear next to nothing. At Dinner a few people may be nude, but most wear sexy outfits. Women in see thru dresses, lingerie, the sexiest things you'd normally only wear for your husband in the bedroom. Men try to be sexy too, but there's not much they can do; sarongs - short and long, sexy pants, topless, fishnet, etc. And, if you want to wear regular clothes to all means, nobody cares.

Although a limited number of singles are permitted, they stand out of the crowd. Some guests expressed that it makes them uncomfortable. This is a place for couples who have a tight relationship and want to experience the rejuvination and freedom of an au natural holiday.

One last note. Sometimes there are groups there, like the Rowdy's of the Carribean. If you like a lot of activities and partying, try to go when there is a group there. If you like a more quiet club like scene, pick another time.

Hidden Beach Tulum Review by Canadian_Bigguy

We have just returned from an amazing week at Hidden Beach.
A vacation is what you make of it regardless of what is thrown at you. That beig said, we did not experience one negative thing about this resort or it's staff.
In fact, as seasoned travellers, we would be hard pressed to think of a resort staff that could match HB. The attention to detail and response to minor issues like the hot tub being to hot, were handled very promptly and with much concern for the guests comfort.

Have I stayed in nicer hotels, ate at better restaurants and been served by more knowledgeable people, yes of course. But, I have never received the level of service of of three combined like I did here. Everyone at this resort is concerned about your vacation and how you are. And if there is something that you find unsatisfactory, they will do their best to fix it. Some of the negatives that I heard or witnessed were by people that are negative to start with and no amount of effort would please them.

Yes we drank when we felt like it, usually starting around lunch time. Yes we had a blast playing Volleyball and joining the FUN guys in games all day long. Were we loud and obnoxious? No one at the resort complained.

The restaurants next door are very good, but to be honest, we couldn't wait to get back to the HB side to get our clothes off and join all of our new friends.
The Nude snorkeling was great, there were only 4 of us on the boat, 1 crew to 1 passenger, and even the service here was amazing. My wife dropped a flip flop off the boat, we told the crew not to worry about it, but they turned the cat around, hung a crew member off to pick it out of the ocean. We could go on ad on, about the towels in the room, the room service, but every positive thing that you have read on this site is true.

We would go back year after year, and we met a number of repeat visitors to this resort during out stay!

Special thanks to Esparenza, Sergio ( both of them), Danny, Jerry, Rosy our Maid and the Management for they truly make this place what it is!
By the way, we were about 10- 15 years younger then the other guests and had a blast with all of them. We met people from are backgrounds and from all over the world- a truly international group!

Hidden Beach Tulum Review by Renegade6

We stayed for a week at Hidden Beach. It was everything we expected. We loved all of the staff...although we did have our favorites...Angel was a great waiter always calling us Mr. Paul and Miss Kathy. Sergio the bartender was funny and made a great drink! Jerry, Harry, and Karla were great and did their best to get people active. It's a shame that Karla is leaving. The water volleyball games were the best. And then there was rule #7. You'll find out when you get there!

The food was good. Breakfast was either made to order or they have a buffet type setup too. Lunch was great with different foods made to order on the grill at poolside. Dinners were good but after a week we wished the menu would have changed more. You always have the option of dressing and going over to El Dorado but we just didn't want to get dressed for dinner (our choice). The concierge service was great. Ana did all she could to see we were taken care of and also one other that unfortunately I can't remember her name (sorry!).

All in all we had a great time. The night club was pretty much empty the week we were there. The facilities are clean and well taken care of. The beach does lack a lot but that is not their fault. The hurricanes did that. We aren't really beach people so that didn't matter too much. to us. The people staying there were very friendly and always seemed to be having a very nice time.

I would recommend this resort to anyone looking for an 'au naturel' vacation. We only left the resort two days...once to go swim with the dolphins and once to go on the nude snorkeling trip which was awesome and you don't want to miss! It was probably the best day we had! Thanks to Chrissy for that!

Hidden Beach Tulum Review by Scott

My wife and I absolutely enjoyed every minute at Hidden Beach. The food was great, the bar was great, the help was always present without being intrusive, and the disco was truly memorable. If you're looking for a great nude getaway without the vulgarity of one of the typical 'adult' resorts it's hard to beat this one. There were moments of naughtiness, especially late at night in the disco, but for us those moments were a nice break from all the relaxation that's so hard to pass up during the day. The beach is still being repaired after a hurricane or two, and the water in the showers could stand to be a bit more consistent, but all in all we had ten days we'll never forget and it's a wonderful place to make new friends.

Hidden Beach Tulum Review by R and K

My wife and I had our first naked vacation in April 2007 at Hidden Beach.  It was the best vacation I've ever had, not just because we stayed naked, but because of everything else about the resort as well.  The service, the hospitality, the food, the setting - all superb.


We'll be going back April 29 2008 to May 7 2008.  These dates will overlap the 5th anniversary week I think.  Hope to see our naked friends there.

Write a Review. Your contributions can be the best help for an undecided traveler making a decision where to go. It's easy, just fill out the form and submit the text of your review.


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