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Punta Serena Manzanillo - Review

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Punta Serena Manzanillo Review by Sam and Alla

Punta Serena is fantastic. My wife and I spent the most wonderful romantic week there for our anniversary. The staff is excellent, as is the food and beverages. We looked quite a while for a small resort, not wanting to spend our anniversary in a 1,000 room hotel. This place is exactly what we were looking for. Nice, clean, small, and adult only. We knew it was clothing optional, and it took a little while to 'loosen up' as this was our first stay at a clothing optional facility. But, when in Rome, do as the Romans do soon became the norm around the pool and hot tub area. I would suggest that if you are planning a stay less than a week, to arrive on Sunday afternoon and check out Friday morning if that will fit your schedule. This is the least busy time at Punta Serena, and it will give you a vey pleasant 5 days without any crowd at all. There were only about 5 couples during the week, but perhaps as many as 20 for the weekend. I have seen ratings of only 3 stars (out of 5) on several web sites, but I can't figure out why. I would definitely give it 5, recommend it to friends, and go back again. Sure, there are more posh resorts, and if you are looking for a completely luxurious place, Punta Serena might not fit to your liking, However, my wife and I found it to be completely comfortable, clean, and extremely romantic. Tell her to leave her heels at home though, the cobblestone is a bit hard to navigate in heels!

Punta Serena Manzanillo Review by Jag

As a nudist I just wanted to make a note to the others leaving comments and those reading them. These resorts were setup by the customer demand from nudist travelers who often spend and pay more for such places in the States. So when you say things like 'Oh there was nudity but it was OK' is you who are walking on turf we set up not the other way around. OK? And if you did try it I'm sure you found how natural and relaxing the experience was. It was the millions of nudists who eventually got prudish Catholic countries like Mexico to put up or shut up (they were losing much business to the Caribbean) that created these resorts. So next time you go and enjoy and it seems many of you have just thank that nude person by the pool or beach because it was we who made it possible!

Punta Serena Manzanillo Review by winedivainco

We were able to get away for a few days before Christmas so we decided to treat ourselves. Our decision to stay was based on the reviews we read here at travelocity. For the most part I think the other reviewers were spot on. This is a lovely secluded resort that sits on a beautiful bay. The pictures do not do it justice. The resort itself is a little run down. Don't get me wrong, the grounds are beautiful, but all the buildings could use a good paint job on the outside. If you are coming here expecting marble everywhere and top notch decor, this isn't the place for you. Our room was very clean but nothing special, and the bathroom was just ok (tiled bathtub/shower- not much pressure). Then again, we didn't come here to hang out in our hotel room-although the hammock on the deck was definitely a plus! One last thing about the rooms- the mattress' are REALLY hard. We have stayed in a lot of places in Mexico, and at this point I think it is just how they make them! The units closest to the beach looked more recently renovated than the building we were in. Other than that, the resort has a really relaxed and has groovey feel to it. Everyone you meet is really nice from the employees to the guests. The food is on par with a much more expensive resort and the drinks are top notch. I highly recommend room service for breakfast! The bar closes at around 10:30, but they are more than happy to pack you a cooler with whatever you want (including ultra premium spirits). The private beach is really nice and for the most part empty, so if you want to go au naturel it feels like your own personal oasis! By the way, we never saw anyone at the pool topless. The beach on the other side is great for taking long walks at sunset, and to remind you how lucky you are to be staying up above and not at the resort below! We normally make it a rule to never stay at the same place twice because there are just too many cool places in this world, but we wish we could have stayed longer and would definitely come back again!

Punta Serena Manzanillo Review by Rachel

My husband and I stayed for 4 nights at Punta Serena. It was nothing short of serene and we found just the peace and quiet we were seeking. The room was spacious and clean - a couple of minor issues with bathroom plumbing but nothing we felt strongly enough to complain about. Food quality was high. Scenery was spectacular, beach secluded and quiet, pool and hot tubs immaculate, always plenty of cabanas.

Punta Serena Manzanillo Review by Glenn

My wife and I had a great time. The food and beverages were top-notch. The staff was pleasant. The rooms were clean, nothing outstanding, but nothing to complain about either.


It is a bit of a drive (~ an hour) from Manzanillo airport, and ~ 40 minute drive to Barra de Navidad, so we were pretty captive to the resort, but it wasn't a problem since there was plenty of space. We were one of the few American or Canadian guests. While there were a few Europeans also, most guests were from the Guadalajara area. The staff spoke some English, but at least knowing the basics in Spanish will help a lot.


The beach is great; it is a private, clothing optional beach. No one is around selling stuff or bothering anyone. There were some fairly large waves, and quite a strong undertow, but the sea floor was smooth, and the water was a perfect temperature.


Punta Serena is an older facility, which some may see as a negative. You will not find a large marbled or pillared lobby here, or any else so grand. I guess that is why it is not as popular as most other resorts. Fortunately for us, it is exactly why we love Punta Serena - there is no waiting for anything. It is worthy to note that the company that operates Punta Serena also runs a busy conventional resort nearby - Blue Bay Los Angelos Locos. As a Punta Serena guest you have full access to all the amenities at Los Angelos Locos, including their food buffets.

I'm sure there are other things I could talk about, but you get the picture. Punta Serena is not a place to go if you want action or shopping or touring. If however you are looking to get away from it all, we recommend it highly.

Punta Serena Manzanillo Review by Gwennie

This was our first all inclusive vacation.  Now we don't want any others.  Of course, Punta Serena spoiled us permanently!  When we arrived we were greeted by the manager who escorted us around the resort.  Upon our return we were treated to their house special 'The Punta Serena' which is fruit juices with or without liquor.  The room was spacious and clean. 


The scenery is breath-taking.  The sunsets at night look like postcards.  The water was perfect with waves high enough to body surf but not too high for older guests.  One day I was wave-surfing and there were dolphins in the wave next to me!  That is an unforgettable memory. The beach and pool are clothing optional.  I had never been to one before but there are so few people there that it was not uncomfortable. We took a boat trip through a mango groove to an Indian village where I had jewelry made while I waited.


The food was magnificent!  You could order at any time.  It was interesting that the food was served as it was prepared so you might have the appetizer after the entree but that was fine with us.  It was just part of the experience!  The chef was a very nice lady and the food looked as wonderful as it tasted. 


The only thing better than the food was the service.  We have never been treated as graciously as we were on this trip.  All of the staff wanted to practice their English and we wanted to practice our very limited Spanish so that was fun too.  At night our beds were turned down and there were flowers and towel critters  on display.  One night I was walking to the room alone and the security guard rushed past me to turn on the light and assist me down the stairs! 


This vacation was a dream come true.  In fact, I cried when we left.  I have never done that before.  Will we return?  I was on the web making reservations when I remembered that I needed to write a review.  It is not luxurious but you are treated like royalty.

Punta Serena Manzanillo Review by thomus51

We just got back. Outstanding! Excellent service, excellent scenery, excellent vacation. We took the taxi from the airport, about 50 minutes, pulled up, checked in, in the pool by 3:30 the same day. The room: great bed, AC, 2 movie channels with English. Food: more than I expected, very tasty, variety, written in English as well, excellent wait staff. (Some have limited or two words off the menu, pointing works fine). Bottled water is 'botella con agua'. The beach is a beach. Secluded, shaded, they give you a little ice chest to take with you for your cerveza, nice. Atmosphere is definitely relaxing, beach/surf noise was constant. We saw dolphins, iguana, lemers, crabs, scorpions, gulls, pellicans, all kinds of critters common to the area. Actually, only saw one scorpion. There is total nudity at the pool, but don't let it bother you. There were many there who didn't and were not offended or judgemental. It takes about 2 minutes to get used to the relaxed naked guests type atmosphere. At least for my wife it took about 30 seconds.

Be sure to get some 'fake and bake' before you go. We both had plenty of tanning bed sun before we went...almost a months worth and we still felt the rays. But, no burn... good tan to come home with.

Now, walking to dinner from your room. There is a beautiful cobble stone street that is the main walkway. It was tough for my wife to manuever in high heels. She carried them until til she got to the sidewalk. The wife dressed nice each night for dinner... it's fun to see the ladies dressing up for dinner, either dresses or dressy slacks, etc. Guys??? who cares... it's all about he ladies anyway. :)

The Blue Bay below is nice as well. They have a shop for needs and the outside vendors have trinkets. The pool is much larger and it's very family oriented. We walked up and down the beach on both sides, theirs and ours. Muey Tranquillidad! Some people we saw there had been there 2 and 3 times. And, we're comparing to cruises, cancun, Madelay Bay in Vegas ... We'd go back as well. Have fun. Contact me if you need.

Write a Review. Your contributions can be the best help for an undecided traveler making a decision where to go. It's easy, just fill out the form and submit the text of your review.


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