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Temptation Resort Cancun - Review

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Temptation Resort Cancun Review by jewel1

My wife and I are booked for a 9 day stay. I hope the reviews that I have read are true and honest. We are just looking to have fun ;)

Temptation Resort Cancun Review by Jag

Again to those expressing prudish thoughts here about nudity I must state it was the demands from Nudists travelers who often spend more on vacations like this in the States than most that created these resorts in Mexico. For years the Mexican resort industry used the silly 'Catholic' excuse but when they lost millions upon millions to the Caribbean resorts that did they changed. So next time you want to share your prudish insights about 'topless' women at the pool you might want to thank that nude person by the pool because it was we the nudist who made these Mexican resorts possible.

Temptation Resort Cancun Review by Teddy

I got herpes while staying here but the service stay made the trip worth it. Forgot to bring condoms and there were some nasty skanks in the party room. Bring some rubbers, they don't tell you this in the brochure.

Temptation Resort Cancun Review by TandCBuffalo

My husband and I just got home late last night from Temptation Resort and Spa, and wished we were still there. I was a little leary about going there, with it being an adult only hotel and with topless being allowed. Within the first hour of being at the Sexy Pool you forget all about the women being topless. Just sit back and relax, you will end up having a great time. We had a remodeled room, very nice. Could have used a chair and table in the rooom? Enjoyed the new TV, yes we watched channel 12 and 14. We were there to have fun and relax. The beach was small but the sand was soft where the beach chairs were. Going into the water was a little rough, stones and shells. Water was warm though. Had no problems with the food, maybe just a little more of a variety in the buffet would have been nice. To me the breakfast was the best. Had trouble with getting reservations to the Chinese restaurant even though my husband was in line early. Had no problems with the wait staff, bartenders or front desk clerks. The entertainment staff was great too. Always something going on during the day to keep you entertained. You just have to have an open mind, sit back and relax. The only thing out of the whole vacation we didn't enjoyed (besides leaving) was the time share people. After checking in, you are sent to the concierge desk. They explain the lay out of the resort, restaurants etc. They then set you up for appointment for the next morning. They are trying to sell you a timeshare. If you don't show up for you appointment, they keep on bugging you with phone calls and notes on your door. So just beware. Overall, had a great time and would love to go again.

Temptation Resort Cancun Review by Bob

We stayed at Temptations Resort from Jan. 31 - Feb.7, 2008.

Check-in was friendly. Got the room we wanted which was ground floor, ocean view ( right by the beach volleyball court/hammocks). After check-in, we bumbled around looking for our room and finally found it only to find the lock didn't work. Turns out is was a dead battery in the lock, the issue was resolved quickly.

Being an adult only all inclusive, I expected to see lots of topless bathers and the pool games to be a bit on the raunchy side and I wasn't disappointed. Try the darts game - its a hoot!

There are lots of bars on this resort and I can say 100% sure, they do not water down their drinks. They do however use substandard booze, the beer is like 'Poor Pedro's P' but with a twist of lime its drinkable. There is standard booze, all you have to do is ask for it, ie 'Bacardi and coke' not 'Rum and coke'.

Food - breakfast: buffet needs work, needs more variety and up the quality (remember this IS a 3 star). The coffee was very good.

Food - lunch: can't comment on the buffet because we didn't go there for lunch. Instead we went to 'Margeuerita's' aka the Tex-Mex. Its a table service restaurant with a fixed menu. We tried almost everything on the menu and the food was very good. Service was also very good = tips.

Food - dinner: can't comment on the a la carte restaurants because we didn't go there. The buffet was edible, nuff said. My favourite was the Tex-Mex again. Did do the patio bar finger food buffet for an evening, was good and tasty! Also did a night at Senor Frogs for the Super Bowl and one night at Puerto Madero's Steak House ( 2 enthusiastic thumbs up).

Generally speaking: service (includes the cast) was friendly, professional and fast; this is a couples resort, not many singletons; just ignore the VIP (or Sexy) Tour, its just a timeshare soft sell.

All in all, its a solid 3 star resort. Anyone who gives this resort 5 stars either hasn't been to a 5 star or had way too much fun.

Temptation Resort Cancun Review by Sunandsandcouple

This former Blue Bay Getaway is still getting a face lift but it won't slow down your fun in the sun.

We arrived at Temptations Resort and found everything pretty much like the photo's and description said it would be. Beautiful water, weather, and people. Things where still getting fixed up and made new so it is pretty much like a new resort, with the old feel. The room was a bit like a motel 6 with a king sized bed and really large shower. We liked the Flatscreen TV that had Playboy channel. Being we don't like to stay out all night and there is not much on TV in English it gave us something to watch;) We did not go out but every night there is something spectacular going on at the hotel. The hotel shuttle will take you to the clubs for $45. US dollars and let you party hard if you like (that covers the cover charge and all the drinks and shuttle service). The bar at the hotel and the food is open 23 hours a day so you can eat and drink all that you could ever want. Really there is enuff quality entertainment at the hotel you should not need to go out on the town.

The service was nice we had to make reservations to the exclusive restraunts in person from 10 am to noon otherwise you can't get in. The food was real good some of the best we had ever had in Mexico. The staff wait on you hand and foot. They really made us feel like we where on vacation.
The beach is not real large but plenty of chairs, a Volleyball court and horse shoe pit. Always something going on. The Pool is fun and you must have a good sence of humor to participate in the activities. The topless women around the pool and the beach makes for something to look at other then the waves and the sun. The who cares attitude makes things really relaxing. We had a great time and met some really good people. The bar and the bar staff was great they keep the drinks coming and pretty stout. I did not have one watered down drink and the Beer is the coldest in the Restraunt's.

We will definitely go back many many times. We like the comfort of feeling relaxed, half naked, and like we are royality.

Temptation Resort Cancun Review by SS

This is a very good hotel for Adult to stay. People are VERY friendly. Food and drink are excellent! Different menu everyday.  A lot of activities running at the sexy pool everyday.


Very fun!! You wont feel boring even you stay the whole day at the hotel. The only issue I concern is the quality of the room (need some improvement). Also the waster sports close early everyday, around 4:30PM. Anyway, I would like to go back to this hotel.

Temptation Resort Cancun Review by J

The entire hotel was under construction/remodeling for the upcoming change to Temptation Resort. At first we were disappointed and alarmed at the mess and the noise. However, it was quickly dispelled, as the staff is awesome, the food is great, and we had a fantastic time. I do think those who havent been should be aware of the fact that you need to be open minded for the scandalous poolside activities and the topless pool and beach areas. No problem for us- we enjoyed it all. There were a lot of drunks in the pool area but most were in control. Well go back again for sure!

Write a Review. Your contributions can be the best help for an undecided traveler making a decision where to go. It's easy, just fill out the form and submit the text of your review.


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